Why, hello there!  My name is Kelly Bauer, and on any given day you can find me telling stories about breastfeeding and my own bleeding nipples to scores of aghast listeners, speaking about my experiences with postpartum anxiety/OCD and grief, and emphatically sharing lessons I’ve learned in taking care of my mental health. While I have been a writer for my entire life, this blog was created primarily as a way for me to process my grief and emotions after losing my daughter, Clara, to Spina Bifida, just 22 weeks into our pregnancy, and the subsequent return of OCD, which I thought I had beaten. For the background on this story, please see my first post – Clara’s Story. In the years since that happened though, this blog has become so much more!

I hope you’ll join me as we journey together towards better mental health, while hopefully having a few laughs in the process.

Please feel free to share your stories, struggles and triumphs. If there is one thing that I have learned through all of this, it is that no comfort or encouragement is quite like that of someone who has walked in your shoes. All I ask is that all communication remain loving and constructive. For those interested in contacting me, you can find me on Twitter @KBauerWrites or email me at: kelly@motherhoodmisfit.com.

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