April Love, Day 8 – Younger Me

This April, I am participating in Susannah Conway’s April Love, a month of love letters. Using her predetermined prompts, I’ll be writing a love letter to an aspect of my life every day (well, maybe) in the month of April. Thanks for tagging along!

Dear Younger Me,

Shit, girl. Where do I begin? I mean, I’d act like some sage guru, but the truth is I don’t fucking get any of this shit anymore than you do! Ahem, sorry. As you can see, the years have not eroded our love of vocabulary intensifiers. Seriously though, I’m still kind of just flailing through life, one day at a time. However, one thing that I think the passage of time has brought to me, is that I don’t care so much about understanding it all. Time seems to have gifted me the trust that things will unfold properly.

Life very often feels like a puzzle with a perpetually missing corner piece. It’s frustrating, but somewhere along the way you learn to see the rest of the picture for what it is, missing piece be damned.

If I had to tell you one thing, it would be that the sooner you can stop looking for that missing piece, the faster life will feel whole.

That, and dump the idiots, because the best one just ends up falling in your lap without you even looking for him, you lucky girl. So just sit back and be patient, he’s so worth it. It’s ALL worth it.

Love you,





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