April Love, Day One – Love

This April, I am participating in Susannah Conway’s April Love, a month of love letters. Using her predetermined prompts, I’ll be writing a love letter to an aspect of my life every day (well, maybe) in the month of April. Thanks for tagging along!

Dear Love,

You always seem to find me. Even when I’m too busy to find you. Sometimes it feels like you have an elaborate alert system set up, and whenever I’m running on empty, some buzzer somewhere starts up. When that buzzer goes off, you spring into action to throw yourself into my path. You are a full-service station for my heart. I arrive empty, but I do not leave that way.

This very writing series is a perfect example of your alert system at work. I have been running on empty lately. I have been working hard on my heart. I have been healing the wounds of losing Clara, and working through the anxiety which clings to me like freshly spun web. I have been active and vocal, and as a result, I have been tired. My engine begins to sputter and groan. It’s no surprise then, that an email about this writing series would find itself in my inbox. I knew immediately that it would be what my heart needs. A chance to reflect and be grateful. A chance to press pause on the hard work and remember just what it is that I’m working towards.

What is incredible, is that I’m beginning to trust that you will find me. It has happened so many times thus far, that we seem to have entered into an unspoken agreement. I know you will be there when I need you. I know when the darkness creeps in, you will find a way to me. You always do.

So, thank you, Love. Thank you for finding me, most especially when I cannot find you.


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