We’re Gonna Laugh About This Someday…

20160209_192846-02So, I changed the name of my blog, again. Just a teeny tiny tweak. I’m going to take this moment to just apologize for my novice status in all of this stuff. I’m a storyteller, guys. I’m a knitter. I’m a writer, but I’m not technologically inclined. It’s the simple truth. You’re going to see evidence of it sometimes, so I might as well just own it.

I write with a pencil, because I have a tendency to erase.

So, I started to have second thoughts about Misfit Mothering, and then Motherhood Misfit presented itself and I had a major face-palm moment. OF COURSE it’s better. It’s so clearly better. It flows better. It represents me better. My parents say it’s better. It’s just… better. Thankfully, the domain was available (a fact that I’m still rather surprised about), so I snatched it up and the rest is history.

The only thing left is to change my Facebook page, which they aren’t letting me do right away since I already changed it to the old new name, um, this morning. Oops. So, I’ll wait the designated delay period and then get Facebook up to speed, too.

Thanks for bearing with me as the foundation of this blog settles. I’m new to all of this, and I appreciate that you don’t make me feel bad about that fact.

In fact, I noticed that we have several new readers as of the last couple days. WELCOME!! I promise I’m not always this wishy-washy. You just caught me at a weird time. I have a great post scheduled for tomorrow, so hopefully I can redeem all this name changing with some solid blogging. After all, that’s why you’re here isn’t it?!

Thanks again to all of you, I LOVE YA!

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