Capture Your Grief, Day 9 – Family

We are very fortunate, in that my husband and I have remarkable families. Even better, all of our immediate family lives in the same state as us, with many of them just down the street. What this means is that, when things happen, we have a support network to fall into, and with the events of last year, we indeed fell.

When we received our diagnosis and made the decision to end our pregnancy, our family rallied. Trips were cancelled, days off were scheduled, meals were cooked, shoulders were available for crying, phone lines were tied up and everyone made themselves available for either comfort or counsel, often both. We do not take this blessing lightly. My husband and I are both very aware of our good fortune in the relationships we enjoy with our parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins. We both know, through loss or estrangement, what it feels like to be without family, and it makes us all the more grateful for these beautiful people who jumped in to catch us when we fell. We would not have made it through our loss without them.

Whoever your family, whether they be by blood or by choice, take a moment today to thank them for being in your life. We all need people to catch us when we fall.


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