December Reflections, Day 28 – A Secret Wish For 2016

I suppose it’s not a secret wish if I post it on my very public blog, but here goes. I have been working on something. *cue mischievous grin* I have been quietly putting together a talk around what I am calling being a Mompostor. What is a Mompostor?  I’m glad you asked! A Mompostor is someone struggling with the motherhood version of Impostor Syndrome. Impostor Syndrome is the inability to accept one’s own success or achievement in areas of academia, creativity or other accomplishment, despite a body of evidence which indicates talent or skill. It’s an uncomfortable sense felt by everyone from writers to CEOs to, as I want to discuss and explore, Moms.

But why am I putting together this talk? Well, here’s the secret wish part – I’m going to apply for a speaker slot at Postpartum Progress’ Warrior Mom Conference 2016 in Atlanta. I have no idea whether or not I have even a breath of a chance at landing a speaker slot (because Impostor Syndrome tells me that I have no real credibility), but I do have impactful words to share and a powerful voice with which to share them.

I plan to attend the conference, even if I do not get accepted as a speaker. Let me know in the comments if you’re going, too! I will keep you all posted on whether or not I am selected as a speaker (should know in March), so send me your good vibes, prayers, finger and toe crossings and thank you for your support and encouragement. The messages that I have received since I started blogging have been integral to developing my confidence as a writer and storyteller. Thank you. I hope that, together, we can continue to build this community, fostering discussion and support around matters of postpartum mood disorders, motherhood, pregnancy loss, abortion and grief.

Thank you for all you do in helping me turn grief into growth.

Peace and love to you, friends.

5 thoughts on “December Reflections, Day 28 – A Secret Wish For 2016

  1. Kelly Bauer says:

    Susan! Thank you so much, I am beyond stoked. You might have noticed I changed the name of the blog again. I promise I’m done with name changes now! Ha! I can’t fix Facebook until I wait the delay period that they have set, since I made a modification to the name yesterday. But I promise I’ve landed on Still working with a designer to beef up the look of this space, but things are coming along! SO looking forward to meeting you, too!


  2. Mariah Warren says:

    Hey, Kelly- I’m going to WMC 2016 and would love to hear your talk, as I most likely have imposter syndrome myself. I was that kid at the top of my class that attributed it all to luck, since I felt like I didn’t know things. I applied to speak, too, as part of a panel discussion. Hope we both make it, lack of credentials be damned. We’ve been in the trenches, and that makes us worthy to tell our stories, right?

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    • Kelly Bauer says:

      Hey Mariah!

      Thanks so much! Definitely stop me and say hi at WMC 2016!! I’ll keep an eye out for your panel discussion, too!

      Experience is definitely one of life’s greatest teachers. 😉

      Hope to see you there!


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