December Reflections, Day 22 – Numbers

3 – The number of days until Christmas.

– The number that best represents how excited I am about that. (Infinitely excited, guys.)

0 – The number of egg nogs I have had this season. SERIOUSLY?  What is wrong with me?  I will be making a run to the store tonight, to fix this problem.

*No Comment* – The number of Brandy Alexanders I have had this season. Making up for lost egg nogs here, y’all.

5 – The number of hand knitted objects that I am giving as gifts this Christmas. This is actually a rather small number for me, but I spent the last several months making quite a few things for myself instead. Sorry, not sorry. This number does not include the socks that I am making for my husband… because they won’t be ready in time for Christmas. Sorry, honey. Hope to have them on your feet before Spring time, though!

1 – The number of Scandinavian cooking shows that my husband and I are currently obsessed with. Seriously, you guys, New Scandinavian Cooking is mesmerizing and I highly recommend it for foodies, travel/nature buffs and history nerds alike. And if you, like me, fit into all three of those categories, I absolutely insist that you check it out. INSIST.

– The number of female reindeer that pull Santa’s sleigh. That’s right, pretty much all folkloric depictions of Santa’s prancing posse show antlered, adult reindeer. Since male reindeer drop their antlers after mating season ends (around the beginning of December), the only adult reindeer that would still be sporting prongs on Christmas are – the ladies! In addition to that, male reindeer lose a large portion of their body fat gettin’ biz-ay during the previously mentioned mating season, while female reindeer enter the winter months with as much as 50% body fat. All that cushion means they’re more equipped to handle the chill and work of a round-the-world journey. Note- this number does not include Rudolph, who was a 20th century inclusion and is not mentioned in traditional folklore. Sorry, Rudy, looks like I’m leaving you out, too.

2– The number of times that I got emotional at work today because a co-worker gave me an incredibly thoughtful gift to honor Clara (pictured). So floored. So lucky. So grateful for the kindness of others.

8 (again) – The number of Christmases that my husband and I have been together. I think there may have been one Christmas early on, where we did not spend it together, but we are nearing a decade of Christmases, and that is a pretty cool thing.

4 – The number of Christmases that my youngest son will have celebrated after this year.

13 – The number of Christmases that my oldest son will have celebrated after this year (excuse me, I need to sit down…)

1.5 – The number of inches left to grow, until my oldest son is the same height as me. (!)

6 – The number of inches that I think my youngest son may have grown in his sleep last night. (HE LOOKS LIKE A TINY MAN ALL OF A SUDDEN!)

35 – The number of posts that I have made on this blog since I started blogging in October.

709 – The number of unique visitors who have been to this site, as of today (according to my WordPress stats). Neat.

1 Million+ – The number of good wishes that I send your way, as we approach the holiday and the beginning of a new year. I wish you peace, joy and comfort today, and for all your tomorrows.

Peace and love to you all.

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