December Reflections, Day 16 – I Said Hello To…

YOU! I have been blogging for a little over 2 months now and am really enjoying it. These December Reflections posts have been a bit trying, and admittedly a bit diluted from time to time, but hey, I am challenging myself to write every single day using pre-scripted prompts!  It isn’t a simple project, but it has offered me some new angles and perspectives, and that’s exactly what it is about. With the start of the new year, I’ll get back to my normal posting schedule, which is less frequent but generally more substantial, both in content and in word count.

That update aside, in 2015, I said hello to YOU and I’m so glad you’re here!  I’ve been quite (pleasantly) shocked by the readership that I have gained and which still continues to grow. I was certain that my only readers would be my parents and my husband, but it turns out that there’s quite a few of you out there who I am neither related nor married to, and that’s super exciting!

I’m looking forward to continuing this little adventure in oversharing and I am thrilled that you’re all along for the ride.




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