December Reflections, Day 13 – A is for…

A is for… Align with Source!  This piece is a Lisa Loudin original (full disclosure: my Bonus Mom is the artist… Yes, I have super cool parents!), and it hangs in our library. The library is the room formerly known as the nursery, formerly known as my oldest son’s room. In preparation for Clara’s birth, my oldest son had moved into another (larger) room in our house. In fact, we finished moving him the weekend before our SB diagnosis. On that fateful day, the nursery was empty, save for a new white crib which leaned, still disassembled, against one wall.

After our diagnosis, the empty room was painful to look at. After we decided that the right choice was to say goodbye to her now, rather than later, the empty room was a torment. After the procedure, when my womb was empty but my breasts were full, aching with nourishment for a baby that I no longer had, the empty room was unbearable. It had to change.

And so, instead of our daughter, The Library was born. I won’t get into a big spiritual rant, not today at least (I make no promises for the future), but I do believe very strongly in the importance of connecting with the Source. Make of that what you will, but I think that statement can be applied across virtually all belief systems. Would you like to connect more closely with God? Great! That applies here. Are you attracted to the idea of exploring your own divine purpose and ability to manifest the kind of life experience that you dream of? AWESOME! That applies here, too. What it boils down to is this – when you are connected to the Source (whatever your “Source” is), things happen. I recommend checking out the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer. It’s a great place to start.

Anyways, since losing Clara, I’ve had several moments of feeling very, very connected to Source. I suspect that may be normal whenever we lose someone dear to us. I think that through Clara’s journey back, I was very near to Source, and I felt that closeness. In those connected moments, I felt more at peace than at any other time. I felt more sure of myself, and of the future. I felt comforted. Having this reminder hanging in the library is one way that I honor the room that should have been Clara’s, while also nudging myself to keep chasing that divine high.

Stay open, keep listening, never stop sending out love. Align, align, align.

Peace and love to you all.

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