December Reflections, Day Nine – Favorite Picture of 2015

Truthfully, this is not my most favorite picture of 2015. However, my favorite picture of 2015 has both of my children in it, and I have been very careful to not post pictures of my children’s faces on my blog. My Instagram and Facebook accounts are private, but this blog is very much public and, for the time being, I have decided to keep my children’s faces out of this space.

That said, this is my favorite picture of 2015 which does not include my children. I took this picture in a forest preserve not far from our house. My husband and I were out on a morning bike ride with our youngest son. It was my first time being back on my bike after losing Clara. My heart and my body were still healing, but it felt good to be moving. I remember wanting to push myself hard. I wanted to feel. I wanted my legs to burn and my lungs to ache. It was a cool morning, but I warmed as the sun rose and my body worked, shedding my sweater about halfway through our 5 mile ride. We saw 2 furry caterpillars crossing the bike path in different locations and stopped to watch them wriggle, at a surprising clip, to safety in the prairie grass.

The trees were incredible and I kept thinking that it was strange to witness a season changing so dramatically, when everything else in my life seemed to be frozen in time.

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