December Reflections, Day Three – The Best Day in 2015

I struggled with the Day Three prompt yesterday, until I finally fell asleep without having posted anything at all. However, I woke up this morning and knew exactly what I needed to say. So, today you get a double dose, I’ll do yesterday’s prompt now, and be back later with Day Four.

A lot of big things happened in 2015. Milestone things. I turned 30. I got pregnant with my third child, my first daughter. I successfully planted and tended my first vegetable garden. I had my biggest live storytelling experience to date at Failure:Lab. My unborn daughter was diagnosed with Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele and it was determined that she was not likely to survive long after birth. I had an abortion. My anxiety returned.

I had a hard time picking the best day. There were good ones, to be sure. There were long family bike rides. There were lazy summer days, pulling weeds and picking tomatoes with my youngest son. There were baseball games, summer storms and BLTs for lunch. There was one especially fun baking experience that involved beets, chocolate and a sweet, 3 year old sous chef whose main skill in the kitchen is sticking his fingers in everything to get a taste. But if I had to describe 2015 with one word, it would be heavy, and the weight of this year makes it difficult for one day to float up above the rest. Then it hit me, today is the best day of 2015 and when dawn breaks tomorrow and my eyes flutter open to greet the day, tomorrow will be the best day of 2015. Because isn’t that what it’s really all about? Don’t we all just hope that every day will be better than the last?

Every day is better than the last because I am still here, breathing it all in, surrounded by people that I love and making new adventures. I am baking beet cakes and snuggling 3 year old sous chefs. I am cheering at little league baseball games and spreading blankets on the grass for picnics. I am riding my bike, exploring my town from a two-wheeled perspective. I am building snow men and drinking tea and knitting. We are still here, all of us, and it is the best day of 2015 for just that reason.

So glad I got to share the best day of 2015 with you. Shall we do it all again tomorrow? I’ll bring the confetti.

2 thoughts on “December Reflections, Day Three – The Best Day in 2015

  1. DoubleB72 says:

    Great post and you’re right! I keep a pebble in my pocket & the first time I touch it each day, I silently say to myself, “Thank you for today and all of my tomorrows.”. I utter many more thank you’s as the day goes on and I touch the pebble, but my first one is my favorite. Today is the best day of my life for no bigger reason than me being a part of it!

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