December Reflections, Day Four – Red

Today, I went out in search of a subject to photograph for use in today’s prompt – “Red”. Eyes peeled and picking out all manner of red hued objects, I finally spotted them, just outside the Christkindle Market, – buskers. I love buskers.

Busking, for those of you who do not know, is the act of street performance and in fact, there are many famous artists and thinkers who began as buskers. Did you know that Benjamin Franklin, as a young boy, would work as a street performer?

Blogging is, in a way, the writer’s version of busking. Like street performance, blogging requires a writer to put oneself out in the public space. It creates the same vulnerability that I believe one finds in street performance, the same open spirit that makes street performance so captivating. It is intimate. You didn’t ask me to be here, but here I am, all the same. You didn’t ask me to share with you, but I share, all the same. Perhaps you will like what I have to give. Or perhaps not, that’s fine, too. The beauty of busking and blogging is that you can sit a while, or you can keep on walking. The choice is up to you.


**As a side note, I do not know who this duo is, as they didn’t have any signs or fliers or anything, but if anyone knows – please identify them! I would love to tag them.  They were FANTASTIC!  For those of you interested, I posted a 15 second clip of one of their tunes on FB and Instagram. 

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