December Reflections, Day Two – A Hot Drink

There is a special kind of quiet that exists when you are the first person to awake in a household. It was in this slumbering peacefulness that I stood, near our drafty bedroom window, and pushed back the curtains to reveal a winter landscape that had not been there when I drifted off to sleep. I stayed there for a moment, enjoying the stillness, inspecting the thin blanket of white that had collected while I dreamt, and listened to the gentle wash of my sleeping husband’s breath.

I am a lover of Winter. I grew up in central Texas and, while there are many things to celebrate in Texas’ natural beauty (wildflowers!), seasons are not one of them. Winter may be long in Illinois, but it is also distinct. All the seasons here are distinct, and I love the changing rhythm that comes with moving from one to another.

It is that very shift which I feel now. I am sinking in to Winter, gravitating to warmth. I am filling my hands with wool, pulling on my house socks, and cooking stews that warm from the inside out. I am unfurling, like tea leaves in hot water. I am soaking it all in. I steep.

This is what my soul needs right now, after so much pain and change. My heart needs to soak in life. It is a time for gratitude (isn’t it always?), it is a time to feel and create warmth, it is a time to bring it all in and let it unwind you, slowly.

It is a time for steeping souls.

Be warm, my friends.



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