December Reflections, Day 1 – Sparkle

This year I’m participating in a photography/journaling activity, called December Reflections. This activity, created by Susannah Conway (seriously, go check her out, she’s fabulous), is intended to help you reflect on the past year and begin the process of choosing a word for the upcoming year. The activity itself is a list of 31 photography and writing prompts, one for each day of the month. I’ll be posting my photos on Instagram, with the #decemberreflections tag, as well as posting them here, accompanied by some writing.

My word for 2015 was Linger, and I do feel like keeping my focus on living more slowly, and with more enjoyment, was a lesson that I needed. The ability to stay with the good moments, to really ride them out, has been essential as I heal my heart.  I have not spent any time reflecting on 2015 as a whole, since the year seems to be consumed by the events of September, so I am glad for the opportunity to review my entire year. Additionally, I have spent no time whatsoever thinking about my word for 2016. Susannah Conway hosts another journaling activity called Find Your Word which is, as you have likely guessed, a little more targeted at the actual choosing of a word. Still, reflecting on where we have been often aids us in deciding where we would like to go. And with that…

December Reflections, Day One – Sparkle

Today, I went with a couple of coworkers/friends (I am fortunate enough to work someplace where there isn’t really a distinction between the two) out on a lunch break shopping trip. Each of us needed something to wear to our work holiday party, which is this Saturday. I hadn’t spent a lot of time planning a look for the party, but (ironically, considering I hadn’t yet seen the list of DR prompts) went in knowing that I wanted something sparkly, and I found it. A lovely, mermaid colored, sequined mini skirt, and the perfect top to go with it.

The thing is, I am not a sparkly dresser. I favor simple shapes, lots of layers, and comfort above all else. Why then the sudden sway towards sequins? I have a theory… It’s no secret that my year has ended rather poorly. Don’t get me wrong, things could be so much worse and I am more grateful than I ever knew I could be for the charmed life that I am still very lucky to live. However, the truth is that I don’t feel sparkly. I feel like old yoga pants. I feel like curling up on the couch and binge watching Harry Potter while pounding hot tea and eating dry cereal straight from the box. But I don’t want to feel like that anymore. I’ve mentioned previously that I am weary of the sadness that I seem to carry around with me, though I haven’t been able to shake it. Maybe I want to wear sequins because I hope that, somehow, dressing sparkly will make me sparkle again.

Even just for one night.

Sparkle on, friends.


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